General Availability Release: File Analysis Suite 3.8


Features and Benefits:

CyberRes Voltage is pleased to announce the general availability of Voltage File Analysis Suite 3.8. This release continues to optimize the speed and accuracy of sensitive data discovery and makes it easier to select localized privacy grammar sets linked to regulations.

Voltage File Analysis Suite 3.8 also includes the following exciting new features:

1. Microsoft Purview Integration
Organizations can leverage Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MIP) labels in FAS to protect high-value and sensitive files.
2. Optimized discovery mode
This mode offers ephemeral sensitive data analysis to minimize risk and costs while supporting data sovereignty by not storing any file content in FAS.
3. External Metadata Enrichment
Enrich the metadata of files in data discovery by capturing additional metadata from external source files associated with primary files.

Customer and User Value

Microsoft Purview Integration
Organizations who utilize Microsoft Purview Information Protection (previously known as MIP) to protect their sensitive data are now able to leverage the capabilities of File Analysis Suite to better understand their sensitive data and take action to protect their data. MIP labels can now be used in FAS to classify sensitive data and enact policies to secure them.

Optimized discovery mode
By default, FAS can analyze sensitive data in an ephemeral mode where analyzed content is removed after it is analyzed, leaving behind only the tags from the scan results. This supports data residency and sovereignty and reduces corporate risk and decreases the running cost of data discovery for the customer.

Enrichment with External Metadata
Organizations may have additional metadata on files through an external source (e.g., DLP application) that can provide further context for File Analysis Suite. FAS will utilize this external metadata along with the metadata within the primary file to further enrich the context of the data. FAS will also keep these files separate but connected to the file.

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