Webinar: Migrate Your Data to the Cloud w/ Enterprise Level Data Encryption | May 16, 2023 | 11:00 a.m. EDT


When you move your Informatica Master Data (MDM) to the cloud, you need confidence it will be protected before, during, and after migration to the new environment.

Join our upcoming webinar to hear a real-life example of a Fortune 200 insurance and financial services provider that encrypted their Informatica MDM and moved it to the cloud. The encrypted MDM remained available across their enterprise—business applications, data analytics, and data store—during the migration. And that’s not all.

Learn about the Instep Encryption Framework, a new technology that solves the compatibility gap between Informatica MDM and your encrypted data.

Hear from experts at OpenTextTm Voltage and Instep Knowledge Systems on how their technologies work together to secure your Informatica MDM across the enterprise.

Walk away with the confidence that your data migration project can succeed with trusted partners from OpenText Cybersecurity and Instep Knowledge Systems. Be sure to save your seat now.

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