Release Announcement for Voltage SecureData Appliance 6.5


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We are excited to announce the SecureData (virtual) Appliance release packed with highly requested features and laying the foundation for the next major releases from Micro Focus - Voltage. The SecureData Appliance version 6.5 starts the containerization journey by incorporating Docker framework and introduces enhancements and features stated below. The SDA architecture is being enhanced for increased agility and capability to easily integrate with other services running anywhere on-premises and in the cloud: 

New Features

Improved Security and Access to Management Console with Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Application developers and IT administrators often need different access levels and permissions on the management console of the SecureData Appliance. Access to the Voltage SecureData Management Console can now be managed in two user roles: administrator – often a role for the IT admin team with full permission, and auditor – commonly used for application developers that need read only access.  RBAC implementation supports both local and LDAP users.

 Full Kerberos Authentication – A major step for Big Data customers

Voltage SecureData with Kerberos authentication provides end-to-end encryption/decryption using Kerberos service tickets without any sensitive authentication credentials being stored on the client. This improves the ease of installation and improves the security of the overall solution by using a big data de-facto standard authentication mechanism.

 GDPR Anonymization with Format Preserving Hash (FPH)

GDPR introduces the concept of full anonymization or one-way encryption for cases where reversibility is prohibited. Format Preserving Hash (FPH) is a form of keyed one-way protection specifically intended to provide such functionality. Clear text data is hashed to create a protected value in the same format as the original clear text value. The protected value is irreversible - the original clear text cannot be recovered even if the key used is known. FPH is supported for any HyperVLS format in the REST API.

 Enhanced allowable Alphabets

Introduced in the SecureData 6.5 and in combination with the Simple API 5.12, the enhanced pass-thru Unicode code points allow support for a large number of languages that were previously blocked.


  • Upgrade to Splunk 7.0

 Component Upgrades

To remediate potential vulnerabilities, the following components have been upgraded in version 6.5:

  • Upgrade to Splunk 7.0.2
  • Support for VMware ESXi 6.5

 Installation and updates

Please check the product’s software for installation instructions, release notes and user manuals.  This documentation can also be downloaded from My Support (select Dashboards>>Manuals).

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We are here to advise and help with the installation process.  In the unlikely event that you encounter an issue, please check My Support which includes a knowledge base (select Dashboards>>Search Knowledge) for self-service help, as well as additional support information.  If you are unable to resolve your issue, please open a Service Request (select Dashboards>>Service Requests) and one of our engineers will contact you.

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