Voltage SecureData Appliance v6.5.1 Release Announcement


Original Question: Voltage SecureData Appliance v6.5.1 Release Announcement by CMurphy

Thank you for selecting Micro Focus Voltage SecureData Appliance

Voltage SecureData v6.5.1 contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Thales HSM 12.40.2 - SecureData Appliance Version 6.5.1 supports integration with Thales HSM 12.40.2
  • CEF events contain a “shost” field that identifies the originating SDA server hostname.
  • Legacy LINUX filesystems are disabled.
  • auditd enabled with CIS recommended rule set.  

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in this release:

  • (36196/36330) - Performance in REST Protect and Access with Hyper VLS formats is now at expected levels.
  • (36352) The dataIndex field is no longer dropped for data errors on access (not protect).
  • (36320/36261) Custom plugin auth-adaptors work correctly.
  • (36310) Serving static files with tomcat works correctly.
  • (36169) CBC ciphers in OpenSSH are disabled.
  • (35135) A race condition that occasionally returned a Failed to validate hostname of LDAP server error is fixed. 


Oracle Java SE - Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Update - April 2018

Splunk 7.0.3 - Voltage SecureData updated Splunk to version 7.0.3

Installation and updates

Please check the product’s software for installation instructions, release notes and user manuals. This documentation can also be downloaded from My Support (select Dashboards>>Manuals).

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