Announcing Voltage SecureData for Teradata UDF 3.1


Original Question: Announcing Voltage SecureData for Teradata UDF 3.1 by CMurphy


The Micro Focus Voltage SecureData Client Team is pleased to announce the release of Voltage SecureData for Teradata UDF 3.1. This release adds support for AES-256 encryption and automatic Unicode, following several requests from current and potential customers. See below for more details about the updates included in the release.

Overall release highlights include the following:

  • Updates
  • IBSE Protection for VARCHAR, BLOB, and CLOB data types
    New functions for protecting BLOB, CLOB, and VARCHAR columns with Identity Based Symmetric Encryption (IBSE) using NIST approved cryptography are now included in the product.



Installation and Upgrade

Please refer to the release notes for the detailed installation and upgrade instructions as well as additional enhancements and issues resolved in this release.

This release is now available on the Voltage SecureData download center and on the Micro Focus customer download portal. Please contact me directly with any comments, requests, or questions.

Jason Paul Kazarian
Product Manager
Voltage SecureData

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