Announcing Voltage SecureData Simple API Version 6.0


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Announcing Voltage SecureData Simple API Version 6.0 

This release complements the release of Voltage SecureData Appliance (SDA) Version 6.9 by adding Simple API support for Safe Unicode Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE). The new release is important to Enterprise customers in global markets as it enables Voltage data-centric protection of all Unicode characters. Voltage customers can now apply Voltage FPE to sensitive data in all languages, all regions. In addition we have also extended FPE2 and Voltage Format-Preserving Hash (FPH) by adding support for all formats. Highlights of this new Simple API version include:

Safe Unicode FPE

Extended support for Unicode through a predefined Variable Length String (VLS) format.

FPE2 for all formats

FPE2 and eFPE2 can be used for all format types and provides support for extended Latin and Japanese characters.

FPH for all formats

Support for FPH for all formats, extending beyond VLS.

Tweak Support for FPE

It is now possible to specify tweak values when performing FPE protect and access operations, providing unique ciphertext output to identical protect operations.

Masking Support for FPE

Configurable portions of recovered plaintext can be masked with a generic character, such as an ‘x’.  As an example, this means a clear text credit card could be displayed with the first digits displayed as the letter x and the last 4 digits in the clear.

New Default Net-Empty Behavior

Plaintext to be protected and ciphertext to be accessed is deemed net-empty when it contains no protectable characters.  Previous versions of Simple API treated this as an error condition, forcing client code to handle it as a special case.

Configurable Network Timeout

Provides the ability to override the default network timeout of 10 seconds to a longer timeout.


Installation and Upgrade

This release is available on the Voltage SecureData download center and on the Micro Focus customer download portal shortly.  We’ll phase-in the release of platforms, with Windows/Linux 64-bit available now, and all other platforms following shortly thereafter. Please refer to the release notes and product documentation for detailed installation and upgrade instructions. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Data Security Product Management.

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