Voltage SmartCipher Release 4.1.1.


Original Question: Voltage SmartCipher Release 4.1.1. by Becky Arenson

Data Security Product Management is pleased to announce the release of Voltage SmartCipher Release 4.1.1.

Voltage SmartCipher simplifies unstructured data security, delivering control over the use and proliferation of sensitive files for secure collaboration and improved privacy compliance. It provides persistent file encryption, and complete control and visibility, over file usage and disposition at the endpoint.

Release Content

The 4.1.1 service pack includes new features and updates for SmartCipher including:

  • Installer improvements – The installers have been improved for simplicity and efficiency:
  • SmartCipher Sensor silent and wizard installations now use a single msi installer
  • A database wizard installer is now included
  • All installers now support upgrade, rollback, backup, and restore operations
  • Alert notification to users – Setting alert notifications when a user attempts an action that is either blocked or for which the user does not have permission is set at policy rules level
  • Import and export policies – Users can import and export policies from any location without creating a separate folder on the server
  • Adobe Acrobat 20 Support – Adobe Acrobat 20 is now supported



This release will be available in the Voltage Download Portal and on the Micro Focus customer download portal shortly. Refer to the release notes and product documentation for detailed installation instructions.

Questions? Please feel free to contact , Product Marketing Manager.

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