Voltage SecureData Integrations for AWS Cloud Services 1.0 Released


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Product Update - May 4, 2020


voltage.pngData Security Product Management is pleased to announce the release of 

Voltage SecureData Integrations for AWS Cloud Services 1.0


Market Need for Cloud Data Security:

As enterprises have long begun moving their IT workloads and functions to the cloud, and will continue to migrate towards a “cloud-first”, and in most cases, “cloud-only” approach for all new business & IT functions, much concern exists with security of data in the cloud. Our customers need the capability to protect their data while migrated across (multiple) cloud hosted storage and data lake services, and enable secure analytics, queries and selective viewing of the data using various visualization tools.

This implies that the Voltage SecureData solution needs to be cloud integrated. Cloud integration implies that Voltage SecureData should be able to be integrated with various cloud services, either through local client or REST API, and customer workloads in the cloud (across the “Big 3” Cloud Service Providers, or CSPs) should be able to wrap the solution to accomplish their data security needs. Cloud integrations provide Java binaries, sample code and configurations, and reference implementations of integrating Voltage SecureData APIs with several different cloud services across the major providers.

Cloud Integrations cover various use cases where processing of data is required in the cloud, in the:

•    Data ingestion space where sensitive data is protected prior to being uploaded or ingested into the cloud data lakes, both in real-time and in batch, and

•    Data visualization space where protected data residing in the cloud data lakes, are queried using various data visualization tools.

Further information and details follow:

Voltage SecureData Integrations for AWS Cloud Services 1.0 release covers the data processing in the ingestion space by leveraging AWS Lambda functions triggered from S3 Object Storage in AWS, protecting the data prior to getting loaded into the data lakes. One of main highlights of the integration is the introduction of the Crypto Factory library to help simplify and ease the integrations. This library is a completely separate and reusable component packaged in all the current and future integrations, and is used as the underlying abstraction layer that makes each of the individual integrations as simple as possible. The library itself is not tied to any particular integration or environment, and can be leveraged separately and extended in other environments and use-cases as well.

This is first of the many releases under AWS.

Other cloud platform services will have their own series of releases. Stay tuned for more information.

Learn more

This release is available in the Voltage SecureData download center and on the Micro Focus customer download portal.

Refer to the release notes and product documentation for detailed installation and usage information.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Data Security Product Management.

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