Voltage SecureData z/Protect 8.2.0 Released


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Product Update 



The Voltage mainframe team is pleased to announce Voltage SecureData z/Protect 8.2.0 general availability.     


Market Need

Many Micro Focus key accounts have valuable customer data in z/OS systems of record. This data must be protected not only while resident on z/OS, but as it flows throughout the data ecosystem. With Voltage SecureData, this protection can be maintained, and the ASCII–EBCDIC transparency provided by SecureData means that those data flows are unchanged: with Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption the data can be protected (encrypted or tokenized) on one “side” and accessed (decrypted/detokenized) on the other, without requiring an access, translate, reprotect operation at the boundary. This not only eases implementation but provides much stronger data protection than traditional encryption, since that huge attack surface at the boundary is completely removed.

Data Anonymization with Voltage Format-Preserving Hash

In specific use cases, such as an enforcement of the GDPR’s right to be forgotten, or in the creation of test data, the ability to recover data may present an unnecessary risk, or be explicitly undesired. Voltage Format-Preserving Hash (FPH) offers full data anonymization but with the same benefits as FPE regarding structure, logic, partial field application, and usability for some analytics use cases, such as click-stream analytics. FPH employs a non-disruptive and more flexible one-way transformation that enables high-performance data usability, unlike traditional one-way transformation techniques such as SHA-256.

What’s new in this release:

This release focuses on functional parity for z/OS systems, adding support for cryptographic features that were released recently in Simple API. Highlights of this new version include:

FPE2 for all formats

  • SecureData z/Protect can now process defined Format-Preserving Encryption version 2 (FPE2) formats for data types other than variable-length strings. FPE2 is second-generation Voltage FPE, using the NIST-approved FF1 algorithm authored by Voltage.

FPH for all formats

  • SecureData z/Protect can now process defined Format-Preserving Hash formats for data types other than variable-length strings.

Tweak support

  • Programs calling SecureData z/Protect can now specify tweak strings for cryptographic operations.


Installation and Upgrade

This release is now available in the on the Voltage SecureData download center and on the Micro Focus customer download portal.

Refer to the release notes and product documentation for detailed installation and upgrade instructions.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Data Security Product Management.

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