Announcing Voltage SecureData Simple API Version 6.10


Original Question: Announcing Voltage SecureData Simple API Version 6.10 by CMurphy

Data Security Product Management is pleased to announce the release of

Voltage SecureData Simple API version 6.10

Simple API 6.10 release adds support for Security District Decoupling

Highlights of this new version include:

Security District Decoupling: In the past, the URLs used to communicate with the Voltage SecureData Server were constructed using a series of steps beginning with the specification of a URL or file path to a client policy file.

Now, beginning with version 6.10 of the Simple API and version 6.9.2 of the Voltage SecureData Appliance, when creating a LibraryContext you can optionally specify the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to be used when constructing URLs to retrieve public parameters, request cryptographic keys, and when not otherwise specified, retrieve the client policy file.

With this new setting, several scenarios for URL construction are possible, including the original scheme. For comprehensive information about these scenarios, see the section "Constructing URLs to Communicate with the Voltage SecureData Server" in version 6.10 of the Voltage SecureData Simple API Developer Guide.

Installation and Upgrade

This release is now available in the Voltage SecureData download center and on the Micro Focus customer download portal.

Refer to the release notes and product documentation for detailed installation and upgrade instructions.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Data Security Product Management.


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