Voltage SmartCipher Development Update


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Voltage SmartCipher Development Update

smart.pngWe have made the decision to delay the release of version 4.2 until the end of August 2020.  This is GOOD NEWS, so please keep reading.



Due to additional investment in engineering, we are SIGNIFICANTLY ahead of schedule on our 2H 2020 engineering activities!  This has presented us the opportunity to combine the 4.2 and 4.3 releases together and move the entire roadmap up by 2 months.

NEW - Scope of SmartCipher 4.2 release:

  • All new IaaS (cloud) Azure-hosted deployment model available – No need to install servers on-premise anymore unless desired.  Support data residency requirements.
  • Integration with Voltage SecureMail – Ability to inspect e-mail content and attachments with SmartCipher policies.  Encrypt attachments with SmartCipher.
  • Enhanced user activity logging and syslog output – Ability to send enhanced log data to Arcsight, Interset, or any SIEM for analytics and correlation.  The Arcsight team helped develop the log format for easy collection with no parsing using a CEF format.
  • Integration with Data Discovery and Control Point – Encrypt or decrypt data directly in file shares as part of the Data Discovery and Control Point workflows.
    • *Note that these integrations get released according to the respective release cycles of these two products in Q4 2020.
  • Command Line Integration Tool for Windows – Allows integration with automation, workflow, and other products such as DLP.
  • Watermarking and Header/Footer controls – Data Classification features controlled by policy.
  • File System Driver Updates – Driver is now registered and operating at an altitude specified by Microsoft.  This helps prevent conflicts with other file system drivers and is key to supportability. 
  • New web services API – Used to automate fetching policy data from the SmartCipher server in automation/integration scenarios.
  • QA – Full, end to end QA cycle which includes new QA automation capabilities.  While this is not specifically a “feature”, I am calling it out because a lot of time has been spent to automate the QA process, resulting in QA time cut by 50%.

Details on each of these features and associated use cases will be delivered to the field in the planned August Sales and Technical Enablement sessions prior to the release.  Updated collateral will be released at the end of August.  The next release schedule and feature list is currently being reworked. 

For more information about SmartCipher please view the latest recordings:

Sales Talk Webinar - Voltage SmartCipher Competitive Update

SmartCipher Update Webinar

Questions: If you have questions or comments please let us know so they can be considered for the next release (post 4.2). 

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