Voltage SecureData Integrations for AWS Cloud Services 1.1 Released


Original Question: Voltage SecureData Integrations for AWS Cloud Services 1.1 Released by CMurphy

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Voltage SecureData Integrations for AWS Cloud Services 1.1 release is now Generally Available (GA). This release covers data processing in the ingestion space by leveraging AWS Lambda functions triggered from Kinesis Firehose services in AWS, protecting streaming data prior to getting loaded into data lakes. 


Cloud integration implies that Voltage SecureData should be able to be integrated with various cloud services, either through local client or REST API, and customer workloads in the cloud should be able to wrap the solution to accomplish their data security needs. Cloud integrations provide Java binaries, sample code and configurations, and reference implementations of integrating Voltage SecureData APIs with several different cloud services across the major providers.

With the release of these integration capabilities, we have been able to open up new opportunities for our customers to leverage cloud more securely, using our data-centric protection capabilities – addressing use cases of protecting data at ingestion and remediating risks as and when they are discovered within their cloud ecosystems.

Installation & Usage

This release is available in the Voltage SecureData download center and on the Micro Focus customer download portal.

Refer to the release notes and product documentation for detailed installation and usage information.


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This is first of the many releases under AWS. Other cloud platform services will have their own series of releases. Stay tuned for more information.


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