Voltage SecureData Sentry 4.0 is now available!


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Product Update



Voltage SecureData Sentry 4.0 is now available!


Micro Focus is pleased to announce the release of SecureData Sentry 4.0, our Voltage SecureData solution for protecting sensitive data in cloud and database applications.

What’s New?

Secure Search Index

  • Enables the use of prefixes and wildcards for searching protected data in Salesforce

Integration Assessor

  • Simplifies data security integration of database applications by transparently capturing API and SQL requirements, accelerating TTV

Cloud Email Support

  • Preserves the use of email features and email-to-case management in protected cloud applications

Protection Format Import and Profiling

  • Automates the ingestion of protection formats from SecureData and their implementation in protection flows for application data

New and Improved Application Templates

  • Enable ‘out-of-the-box’ interpretation of dataflows for securing Adobe Analytics, ALM Octane, ALM Quality Center, Cornerstone, Hubspot, IBM Resilient, SageHCM, SMAX, and more…

… and more!

Please refer to the release notes and product documentation for further information about this version. SecureData Sentry 4.0 is available in the

the Micro Focus customer download portal early next week.

Learn More!

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