SmartCipher 4.2 is Now Available!

3 months ago

Original Question: SmartCipher 4.2 is Now Available! by Becky Arenson

Micro Focus is pleased to announce the availability of Voltage SmartCipher 4.2. Earlier this year, SmartCipher introduced simplified unstructured data security, delivering control over the use and proliferation of sensitive files for secure collaboration and improved privacy compliance. SmartCipher’s latest release enhances this art form by integrating with SecureMail to encrypt and inspect email content and attachments with SmartCipher policies, along with additional new critical technology features that provide a single solution for endpoint privacy and security.

What’s New:

Integration with Voltage SecureMail

Expands privacy and security with SecureMail integration by encrypting and inspecting email content and attachments with SmartCipher policies.

IaaS (cloud) Azure-hosted deployment model

Satisfies a “cloud first” approach with the IaaS Azure hosted deployment model and, at the same time, meets data residency requirements by deploying into regional Azure datacenters.

Integration framework

Enables integration with automation, workflow, and third-party products such as DLP and lays the foundation for Micro Focus portfolio products with the integration framework.

Enhanced user activity logging at the endpoint

Gain visibility into end user activity, including sensitive content usage and policy violations.

Classification controls

Data Classification features are controlled by policy. Two new features are now available to insert/replace the header and footer with custom content and document watermarking.   

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Voltage SmartCipher provides a comprehensive information lifecycle security solution for data privacy, together with the Micro Focus Security, Risk & Governance portfolio.


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