Voltage SecureData Enterprise for Teradata 3.2 Now Available!

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Voltage SecureData Enterprise for Teradata 3.2

October 16, 2020


Features and Benefits

Voltage SecureData Enterprise for Teradata is a fully integrated and supported Voltage SecureData client for the Teradata database. Installed as a User Defined Function (UDF), the product provides Structured Query Language (SQL) extensions for accessing Voltage data access and protect functions. The UDF may be used directly with Teradata’s bteq command line tool or any other data access component supporting SQL directly.

Product Feature List:

Application Level Data Protection

  • The UDF provides access and protect functions to Teradata SQL users.
  • Users call these just like any other standard SQL function, supplying a key identity, a data protection format name, and other function parameters.
  • The protection algorithm applied, such as encryption, hash, or tokenization, is controlled via the Voltage management console to enforce compliance, governance, and separation of duties.

Stateless Key Management

  • Authentication may be performed by multiple systems for maximum security, such as the Teradata bteq username and directory services.
  • Key delivery is managed by a key server external from Teradata, allowing separation of duties and avoiding administrator abuse.

Unicode String Handling

  • The UDF supports Unicode strings, allowing protection of strings in any language.
  • Function return values are guaranteed safe for storage in Teradata string type columns.

Event Auditing and Logging

  • All key request, authorization, denial, and delivery events are logged.
  • File and server SYSLOG event export utilities are provided via the management console.
  • The console’s reporting engine features PCI compliance report generation for annual audits.

This minor update to the SecureData Enterprise For Teradata User Defined Function (UDF) product family incorporates the Simple API for C Version 6, the latest version. This offers customer access to the latest data protection algorithms. Additionally, ability to set server timeouts via a configuration parameter is added as a new feature.

This release introduces the following major features and enhancements:

  • Full compatibility with the Simple API, Version 6, including access to a new tweak parameter.
  • Set server timeouts via a configurable parameter
  • Simple API 6 feature parity​
  • Safe Unicode for FPE​
  • Tweak support
  • FPE large data interfaces​
  • Masked access support​

Operational Details:

The Standard Delivery method for our software is electronic. New orders receive a link via email where the software can be downloaded, which is specific to the order.

Product Availability Sites:

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Product Support Lifecycle Information:

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Licensing Strategy:


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This release is available in the Voltage SecureData download center.

Refer to the release notes and product documentation for detailed installation and usage information.

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