File Analysis Suite FAS Data Discovery 3.4 is Now Available!

3 months ago

Original Question: File Analysis Suite FAS Data Discovery 3.4 is Now Available! by COEST

voltage.pngFile Analysis Suite FAS Data Discovery 3.4


Micro Focus is pleased to announce the availability of File Analysis Suite (FAS) Data Discovery 3.4. Micro Focus introduced File Analysis Suite last year, helping organizations lower the total cost of compliance, reduce risk and provide analytical insight and value across high-value and sensitive data assets. FAS 3.4  enhances this concept providing comprehensive cloud-based data discovery, preservation and governance capabilities while reducing the cost, risk and complexity of managing unstructured data

New key features introduced are:

Data Risk Assessment and Protection

  • Perform Estimated Sensitive Data Analysis to quickly map sensitive data throughout the enterprise using random sample scan.
  • Extended built-in patterns to detect common characteristics of sensitive and personal data worldwide
  • Identify risky hot spots with a new dashboard “Estimated Sensitive Data”

Data Management and Protection

  • Protect sensitive data and ensure secure information sharing using SmartCipher’s transparent and persistent file encryption policies
  • New target support for File Systems to move & govern data in a secure location.

Data Optimization and Minimization

  • Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) analysis: allow customers to clean large repositories before detailed content scans in a more cost and time efficient way

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We recommend you check out our updated resources on the Data Discovery webpage including the File Analysis Suite Brochure and a new whitepaper File Analysis Suite: Sensitive Data Discovery to Drive Insight and Data Protection

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