SecureData Appliance 6.9.5 Released

3 months ago

Original Question: SecureData Appliance 6.9.5 Released by COEST

 SecureData Appliance 6.9.5 Release Announcement

April 16, 2021

Features and Benefits:

The Voltage SecureData Appliance latest release 6.9.5 is available now. This release incorporates several upgrades of components to address critical security vulnerabilities and component support lifecycle dates, product hardening, and staying current with 3rd party OEM releases. This release also incorporates several customer requests for enhancements, providing bug fixes and hot fixes, the latest cloud deployment feature support, and releasing images for AWS and Azure clouds. Additionally 6.9.5 includes support for the Entrust nShield Connect HSM 12.60.10, to support our customers upgrading to this latest version of HSM that brings in several new and advanced functional and operational features. The full list of SecureData release 6.9.5 inclusions are laid out below.

Key Inclusions:

  • CentOS 7.9 Upgrade
  • Splunk 8.1.3 Upgrade
  • OpenJDK Upgrade
  • Bug & Hot fixes
  • SSH hardening
  • Admin Password lockout feature
  • AWS Image release
  • Azure Image release
  • IDMSv2 support on AWS
  • nShield 12.60 upgrade

Operational Details:

The Standard Delivery method for our software is electronic. New orders receive a link via email where the software can be downloaded, which is specific to the order.

Product Availability Sites:

*New Orders and Updates
for Existing Customers:

Commercial Customers


Software Licenses and Downloads 

US Government (Federal, State, Local, Education

Software Licenses and Downloads

Product Support Lifecycle Information:


Lifecycle Table:


Lifecycle Policy:


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* All of the links included within this notification are for our standard customers and partners.  Customers and partners associated with GovLLC will receive the appropriate link in their E-Delivery email notifications.

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