Voltage SmartCipher 4.3 Release Announcement

3 months ago

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Voltage SmartCipher 4.3 Release Announcement

Features and Benefits:

SmartCipher 4.3 builds on our 4.2 release by improving usability by adding support for O365 & Office 2019 64 bit as well as adding clientless access (no sensor installed). This allows us to be more inclusive and continue to assist organizations to gain control of their unstructured data while protecting and monitoring sensitive content usage across the enterprise with key integrations.

SmartCipher. Smarter.  Better.

New key features introduced include: 

Improved usability 

  • SmartCipher now supports Office 2019/O365 64 bit. Also removed Support for Office 2013

Clientless access support

  • Clientless Access Portal (CAP) supports clientless (no sensor) access to SmartCipher allowing organizations and authorized users to distribute protected information to external users devices. Sharing protected and unprotected files through the new Outlook plugin

New product documentation

  • Innovative new documentation that provides an overview of the SmartCipher system including functionality, components, architecture and deployment models. SmartCipher now supports high availability setup making it more scalable and setup can therefore be configured to avoid single point of failure. Load testing also performed

Integration framework enhancements

  • Enhanced the new integration framework which enables integration with portfolio products such as Data Discovery (FAS) and ControlPoint. Allow integration with automation workflow and third-party products such as DLP


Operational Details:

The Standard Delivery method for our software is electronic. New orders receive a link via email where the software can be downloaded, which is specific to the order.

Product Availability Sites:

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for Existing Customers:

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Software Licenses and Downloads 

US Government (Federal, State, Local, Education

Software Licenses and Downloads

Product Support Lifecycle Information:


Lifecycle Table:


Lifecycle Policy:


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