Voltage SecureData Sentry 4.2 Released

3 months ago

Original Question: Voltage SecureData Sentry 4.2 Released by COEST

  SecureData Sentry 4.2 - May 14, 2021

Features and Benefits:

Voltage SecureData Sentry 4.2 includes several improvements and updates, focusing on the extension of the system health status and monitoring dashboard, enhanced login security controls, and an improved profile editor.



Enhanced status dashboard

  • Extended system health checks include an overview page for all managed engines, ICAP and SMTP requests, engine access requests, and SecureData connectivity and statuses

Improved application profile editor

  • Content discovery profile cloning

Increased security controls

  • Improved login security for control, engine through configurable composition rules, password screening, soft locks, engine lockdown, and more.

Operational Details:

The Standard Delivery method for our software is electronic. New orders receive a link via email where the software can be downloaded, which is specific to the order.

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