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Many organizations don’t know where all of their sensitive data is stored. This means it is not secure. Sensitive information like trade secrets, customer information and financials are sitting on servers or clouds, outside of the management of IT, Security and Compliance teams.   

It isn’t an exaggeration to suggest that many dollars and some jobs are at risk should this uncontrolled information get out.

In this roundtable discussion, experts from Novacoast and the CyberRes Voltage team will discuss how to: 

•    Discover sensitive information’s whereabouts
•    Remediate the risk
•    Manage and secure such data in the future

… and how to get started, based on your current situation.


David Ramazetti

Mr. Ramazetti has been working in the Networking and Security field for 15+ years. He has a deep background in networking, infrastructure, and virtualization technologies and spent several years as a network administrator. His expansive expertise extends into endpoint security, encryption and PKI where he regularly assists corporations of all sizes with designing, implementing and securing corporate and cloud networks through both native and third-party products.

Rob Aragao
Chief Security Strategist

Mr. Aragao is responsible for working with organizations collaboratively to drive strategic initiatives around cybersecurity and alignment with business objectives and desired outcomes. He also provides thought leadership and insight regarding the ever-changing global threat landscape.Mr. Aragao brings over 20 years of information security experience with an emphasis in security and cyber risk best practices, threat intelligence, security monitoring and regulatory compliance initiatives.


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