Knowledge Doc: [SecureMail] How to change the IP address of a server in SecureMail


SecureMail was moved to a new server and the IP address changed

Voltage SecureMail

SecureMail 7.x

SecureMail was moved to a new server and the IP address changed

1) SSH to the appliance and login as admin to access the appliance menu
2) Go to Networking -> IP Addresses and add the new IP address(s) of the appliance. (DO NOT remove the old IP address yet. This is needed in order to access the Management Console)
3) Once saved, login to the Web Management Console
4) Change the Binding
a. On the Management Console, go to the System tab, then click the name of the host. (ie: Localhost)
b. Click the Binding tab
c. Click "Refresh IP Addresses"
d. Choose the new IP address from the drop-down list next to the domain name.
e. Click Save and Exit
5) Check the following areas to see if any other sections in the Management Console refer to the OLD IP:
a. System (tab) -> Cluster -> Resources -> Gateway SMTP -> Allowed Relays
b. System (tab) -> Cluster -> Resources -> Outgoing Mail SMTP Server
c. Services (tab) -> Gateway Service (tab) -> All Tenants -> Policy Routes (tab)
6) Once confirmed that there are no other references to the old IP address, Deploy the changes:
a. Click the System tab
b. Click "Update All Clusters"
7) Test the server to see if it works.
8) After validating that the new IP addresses work, you may now remove the old IP addresses

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