Now Available for Identity Manager Customers: Micro Focus NetIQ Identity Intelligence 1.1


Micro Focus is pleased to announce the release of NetIQ Identity Intelligence 1.1. Available at no cost to Identity Manager customers, Identity Intelligence applies the power of advanced analytics to the challenges of governing user access to your critical applications and data.

Identity Intelligence 1.1 includes the following key capabilities:

  • Data mining and aggregation—Aggregate identity, compliance, access, and usage information into a central analytics data store provided by the Vertica advanced analytics storage platform.
  • Interactive timeline views—Visualize current and historical access rights and events to identify process bottlenecks, perform forensic analysis, and provide evidence for compliance audits.
  • 360-degree identity views—View comprehensive information about individual users, including what they currently have access to and what they had access to at any time in the past.
  • 360-degree resource views—Determine who has access to specific resources and who had access at any time in the past.
  • Dashboards and reports—Run ad-hoc reports and gain insight into governance metrics and trends with Grafana dashboard support.

NetIQ Identity Intelligence is available at no additional cost to Identity Manager and Identity Governance customers. To obtain your copy, please visit the Micro Focus Customer Center.

For further details about this release, please view the documentation at

There is also a new Identity Intelligence Community page to post questions and join discussions.


Elizabeth Knappen
CyberRes Community Manager

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