Product Release Announcement: NetIQ Identity Manager 4.8.3 and eDirectory 9.2.4


We are pleased to announce that we have released NetIQ Identity Manager 4.8.3 and eDirectory 9.2.4. Both are service packs with bug fixes, security updates and OS support. Other recent releases include NetIQ Identity Governance 3.6.2 and NetIQ LDAP Proxy 1.6.

Here is a summary of the Identity Manager updates:


  • Ansible-based deployment support
  • OS certification updates

Identity Applications

  • Group Search improvements
  • RRSD changes that improve performance
  • Weighting for Multi-Threaded RRSD
  • User sorting for any attribute in the DAL

Engine Enhancements

  • LDAP Query publishes Driver Cache info

Designer Enhancements

  • Search and Replace
  • Forms improvements
  • Performance improvements/cleanup

Please see the following release notes for a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes:


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NetIQ Identity Governance
NetIQ Identity Manager
NetIQ LDAP Proxy
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