JQuery upgrade to 3.5.1


With Identity Manager Service Pack 5, we have updated jQuery from version 2.0.3 to 3.5.1. The jQuery upgrade brings improved functionality, but it also deprecates some functions. Some methods have been deprecated or replaced with newer functions. E.g. -

Sample Removed method:

For Example, below method has been removed since jQuery 3.0.

.error( handler ) and .error(  [ eventData ], handler )
Bind an event handler to the "error" JavaScript event.

$( "#book" )
  .error(function() {
    alert( "Handler for .error() called." )
  .attr( "src", "missing.png" );

Recommended replacement method -

.on( "error", handler )

$( "#book" )
  .on("error", function() {
    alert ("Handler for .error() called.")
  .attr( "src", "missing.png" );

A compressive list of removed methods in jQuery 3.5.1 is available here: https://api.jquery.com/category/removed/

Sample deprecated method:

For Example, the below method has been deprecated since jQuery 3.3

Return a number representing the current time.

$( "#Field1" ).val( jQuery.now() );

Recommended replacement methods -

Date.now() – javascript native method

$( "#Field1" ).val( Date.now() );

A compressive list of deprecated methods in jQuery 3.5.1 can be found here: https://api.jquery.com/category/deprecated/.

Here is an example walking through the changes in Designer to replace jQuery functionality in a form. Similar steps would be required for all deprecated and replaced functionality currently used in your environment.

1. Select your form in the Designer.

2. Select the form field in which the jQuery event is added.

3. Click on events -> Action Expression in the dialog pop up.

4. Modify the “Event Action Expression Builder” with the new recommended method or modify as per the need.

5. Verify the form functionality.


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