NetIQ Risk Service 2.0 Released!



Micro Focus’ NetIQ Risk Services 2.0 Leverages Unsupervised Machine Learning to Deliver True Continuous Authentication and Authorization | Micro Focus

Micro Focus announces the release of NetIQ Risk Service 2.0, the comprehensive authentication and secure access solution for orgs in need of a higher level of risk intelligence.

Key enhancements and capabilities of the Micro Focus NetIQ Risk Service:

  • Out of the box integration with Micro Focus Interset’s cloud-based machine learning technology
  • Specialized access behavioral models that leverage more than 450 built-in unsupervised machine learning algorithms that automatically profile and measure risk.
  • Packaging as Docker containers which offers platform portability as well as Kubernetes manageability
  • Designed to complement often used prescriptive risk-based policies


Elizabeth Knappen
CyberRes Community Manager

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