SC Product Reviews: SIEM


SC Product Reviews: SIEM
April 2, 2020
SC Magazine
By Katelyn Dunn

This month, SC reviewed several Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. Although we have tested these products before, we are impressed with the development and innovation that occurs year after year. SIEM capabilities have expanded well beyond security and event management. They drive threat detection and response with auto-remediation and guided responses based on machine learning and forensic analysis. The user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) capabilities layered in is rapidly moving SIEMs toward next-generation technology.

The graphics in Micro Focus ArcSight were the best we saw by far and drive the intuitive and easy-to-use feel of the entire platform. The unparalleled dashboard graphics, intuitive navigation and compliance support make this highly flexible SIEM make this an SC Labs Best Buy.

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*Please note that there are a few factual correction requests that Micro Focus has sent to SC Labs regarding the review that should hopefully be addressed shortly.



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