Threat Research for CISO's Introducing CyberRes Galaxy | Online Event | January 18, 2022


Built to empower CISOs and accelerate business performance, CyberRes Galaxy is a new immersive threat research platform that provides the most relevant and actionable threat intelligence for security executives. With it, you’ll gain business context of new threats and trends as they emerge, with flash bulletins, interactive visualizations, and personalized threat highlights that enable you to focus on what matters to your specific organization while enhancing communications around a threat’s potential business impact.

Join Mark Fernandes, Global CTO of CyberRes at Micro Focus, and Parham Eftekhari, Senior VP and Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Collaborative at CyberRisk Alliance, as they discuss the launch of this new platform and show you how to leverage its reports and visualizations to quickly and simply see what’s threating your business, how it can affect you, and what you can do about it.

In this session you’ll learn:

• Why “Securing the Digital Value Chain” is so important to thriving in the new digital era
• Why traditional threat methods fall short of truly securing the digital value chain
• What the modern CISO needs to accelerate their enterprise resiliency
• How Galaxy can help with addressing these challenges


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