More Community Changes Are Underway   - read only mode for 24h!


work-zone.jpgFirst things first:   If you're having a problem logging in or other problems with your account, please  LET US KNOW.  

Second thing next:  We are combining community sites which necessitates this site being put in READ ONLY MODE for as long as 24 hours (hopefully shorter), starting approximately February 27 at 07:59  UTC (Feb 26 23:59 Pacific)

The details:  You've seen us make a couple of big changes so far to our community.  First there was the user interface update which gave us a whole new look and some better functionality.  Next came the SSO (Single Sign On) migration which allows our community site to be tied to the same login as the rest of Micro Focus eliminating the need for you to have to manage two different logins for anything Micro Focus.    

Now we've started the process of community consolidation.  Micro Focus has experienced mergers and aquisitions and we have a number of community sites, making it hard for you to figure out where to go to discuss and find information about your Micro Focus product.  We've begun the process of bringing all that community content to THIS site.  When we're finished, we'll have all community content located in a single location, which is here. 

Our first move, during this outage,  is to move our community located at which, by the way, we're going to be using as the URL for this site going forward.  Don't worry about bookmarks, however, they'll still work. 

Soon we'll be moving our WordPress communities (Cool Solutions), then our Serena Central community, and then our Micro Focus Forums site, so stay tuned for those moves to be coming right up. 

If you have any general community related feedback for us, don't hesitate to post it in our FEEDBACK FORUM

Our apologies for all the inconvenience.  We feel it will be worth it for you in the end with one complete Micro Focus Community site.  Thanks for your patience. 


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