Micro Focus Realize 2020 NL & Belgium: Users and behavior: your biggest security risk? Nov. 17



Micro Focus Realize 2020 Netherlands & Belgium

Most organizations prefer a smart approach to DX, bridging the existing and the emerging. Join us for Realize 2020 on 17 November and experience how to run and transform the enterprise simultaneously.

Micro Focus Realize 2020

  • Join us for a virtual event in our innovative 3D event venue
  • Discover how our solutions power digital transformation
  • Choose one DX stream and view the other three later
  • Learn best practices from other Micro Focus customers
  • Hear about our latest product developments and strategies
  • Chat with product experts and Micro Focus executives
  • Discuss the business advantages of our solutions

Discover the detailed agenda

  • Security – Users and behavior: your biggest security risk?
    How to secure access to and use of apps, identities and data


Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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