SC Magazine Review of ArcSight ESM 7.2


Micro Focus ArcSight ESM 7.2
April 2, 2020
SC Magazine
By Tom Weil

SC Magazine has published its review of ArcSight ESM 7.2. The publication rated the solution 5 out of 5 stars, noting zero weaknesses in the platform and with a final verdict that, “The unparalleled dashboard graphics, intuitive navigation and compliance support make this highly flexible SIEM an ideal choice for any security team of any experience level.”

Micro Focus ArcSight provides real-time, enterprise-wide threat awareness and at-scale visibility into security insights. Leveraging simplified search functionalities and customizable dashboards, ArcSight facilitates the process of forensic investigations for maximum security efficiency.

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*Please note that there are a few factual correction requests that Micro Focus has sent to SC Labs regarding the review that should hopefully be addressed shortly.



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