Announcing the New Application Security Training Program


We are pleased to announce our new Application Security Training Program, where customers can gain access to specialized security training at a lower price.


The Industry’s largest Application Security coverage.

A complete application security eLearning Catalog with over 150 courses. Developers, architects, testers, and operations teams are guaranteed to find effective training. From beginner to expert, through diverse roles and specialties, the secure coding knowledge base will enable the apprentice to learn the key principles and to apply them correctly.

Micro Focus Education provides an integrated in-depth learning experience through the Application Security Training Program. As part of the organization’s security strategy, our training can create awareness among collaborators and prevent security breaches that can hurt business and customers alike.

The Application Security Training Program is specially designed to enable organizations to reduce security risks by building internal expertise that is capable to expose and remediate vulnerabilities.

We offer the industry’s broadest and deepest coverage for application security content:

Various Roles & Phases

Architect, Developer, Tester/QA, IT, DevOps, Managers

Popular Languages & Technologies

Java, .NET, C/C#/C , PHP, Ruby On Rails, AJAX, Swift, Python, HTML5, Objective C, jQuery, Linux

Major Platforms

Web, Mobile, IoT, Database, Azure, AWS, Windows, Oracle

Compliance and Risk Frameworks


All Skill Levels

Courses span foundational to advanced topics. Leveraging the industry’s largest application security eLearning library, our application security training builds the awareness and technical skills needed to integrate security at every phase of development.

Are you looking to fulfill your needs for continuous learning? Digital Learning is the next generation of engaging content from Micro Focus with audio narrative, top quality content, and simulations.

As an additional bonus, customers who purchase the Application Security Training Program will automatically get access to new content as it is added. Updates are made on a quarterly, annual and ad-hoc basis, depending on the nature of the course. Our training features over 30 pre-defined eLearning Paths, with varying course skill levels, ensuring topics previously learned are expanded upon and knowledge retention maximized.

Access anywhere, anytime. Our online content features 24/7 accessibility and a self-paced, relaxed learning environment.

Click here for more information about the Learning Paths available. 

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