Digital Badges Update


Earning a Micro Focus certification or credential helps build your industry skills and technical knowledge. Those who have acquired a certification can promote their skills and expertise online using the Micro Focus digital badges.

Some of the most common uses of badges include, but are not limited to:

  • Validation and verification of a credential that has been officially issued by Micro Focus or one of its affiliates such as Vertica or CyberRes.
  • Digital badges are replacing paper certificates as proof of training.
  • Demonstrating the scope of achievement with employers and colleagues.
  • Badges are an easy way for you to verify your learning accomplishments.
  • They demonstrate your deeper knowledge of specific products and technologies.
  • Badges provide recognition for learning new skills.
  • You can easily display your training achievements on your social media profiles.
  • Badge notification emails that used to come from will now come from


Micro Focus cares that we provide you with all the tools for career success that we possibly can. That is one of the many reasons we have been proud to offer digital badges to our certified professionals.

As you might have seen, our digital credential provider, Credly, has launched a new brand experience on the platform that you knew as Acclaim. As part of that change, the Acclaim name, logo, and URL have been replaced by Credly.”


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