Webinar: Data Privacy and CIAM: Completing Your Identity Stack

Live online Sep 21 11:00 am EDT
Presented by: Kent Purdy, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Richard Cabana, Senior Architect, CyberRes

Enterprises have started to include user context as part of their Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) approach. The adoption of data protection laws underlines the importance of contextual identity for ensuring that customers remain the sole source of authorization for their data. Where privacy is concerned, customers are asking more and more questions about the organizations they engage with:

“What are they doing with my information? How long will they have it? Why do they need it for my prescribed purpose? Can they prove that it’s been ethically disposed of after my purpose has been completed?”

In this webinar we’ll explore the details of CIAM to help you answer questions like these. You’ll learn about:
• The concept of purpose in a privacy-centric approach to CIAM.
• How identity powers privacy, helping enterprises implement purpose-based access control into their overall CIAM strategy.
• Differentiators of the CyberRes CIAM solution, including a Personal Information Management System (PIMS) and unsupervised machine-based learning.

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