Webinar: DevSecOps for Public Sector: A Roadmap to a Modern Software Factory | February 4, 2022 | 12pm EST


Join CyberRes (a Micro Focus line of business) during the DevSecOps for Public Sector event to learn how to navigate the changing threat landscape by building both cyber and business resiliency. During this session we will be joined by Stan Wisseman, Chief Security Strategist at Micro Focus who will share insight on how their Fortify technology:

  • Provides a flexible end-to-end Application Security solution with on-premises, on-demand, hosted, and hybrid models.
  • Automated scans can be initiated as part of code check-ins, commit, builds, releases, or other components of the CI/CD pipeline
  • Customers report more true positives (more validated findings) and fewer false positives (less noise) compared to other products.
  • Offers the broadest programming language coverage with 27 supported programming languages


Elizabeth Knappen
CyberRes Community Manager

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