Technical Insight Series—Put the spotlight on your expertise


Launched earlier this year by the Customer Success team, the Technical Insight Series helps customers unleash full value from our products and services. This new blog article gives insights into the initiative, which is open to all product experts – to join as a guest presenter, an attendee to learn more about our solutions, or to hear how others are using our products.

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 Join in: Share Your Expertise with Other Product Users

As the Technical Insight Series continues to grow, the team is calling for customers and partners who have in depth technical knowledge of a product, or a particular area of a product, to present at upcoming events.

Collectively, we hold a wealth of knowledge and experience across Micro Focus and our product users. We are looking for product experts to present online sessions within the Technical Insight Series. If you would like to be part of this journey, please contact to discuss the areas that interest you,

If you would like to learn more or be involved in The Technical Insight Series, contact us! We hope to hear from you soon.


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