Data Privacy: from necessary security step to competitive advantage


For many companies, a data privacy strategy is a fundamental means of supporting customer relations and avoiding huge fines. If handled properly, it can even be a competitive advantage. How do you implement and maintain the right data privacy strategy? We talked to Tapan Kumar, Pre-Sales Engineer Data Security at CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business.

Data privacy has become an increasingly important issue within companies in recent years. Whereas a few years ago, it was still seen as something for which money had to be invested, the urgency is now much more significant. If you do not protect your data at every level of your organisation, there is a good chance that you will become one of the now-familiar examples of cybercrime victims.

In addition, legislation for the protection of data has become stricter. In Europe, we have to deal with the GDPR. Multinationals must also comply with local legislation. A user from the Netherlands must be treated differently from someone from the United States. Even between the American states, there are significant differences in legislation. Therefore, large companies are faced with a great deal of chaos when it comes to the bill to be followed.

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Elizabeth Knappen
CyberRes Community Manager

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