Micro Focus Realize 2020 MEA - Security, Risk & Governance Track, 12 October



Micro Focus Realize 2020 MEA - Security, Risk & Governance Track

We have an exciting program to meet your needs:


Gain Insights

Gain insights and strategies from industry analysts, business leaders and Micro Focus executives

Discover the latest

Discover the latest trends across Enterprise DevOps; Hybrid IT Management; Security, Risk & Governance; Mainframe Application Modernisation; and Predictive Analytics

Tailored Sessions

Attend sessions specifically tailored to you, with over 23 focused sessions

Real-world use cases

Learn from best practices and real-world use cases in our Customer Solution tracks

Build your knowledge

Build your knowledge and skills with interactive demos, presentations and workshops

1:1 meetings

Meet 1:1 with our executives and subject matter experts to get personal advice for your needs 

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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