Webinar 3: Find. Fix. Fortify – End-to-end application security, Oct. 15

About this webinar
Webinar 3: Find. Fix. Fortify – End-to-end application security that integrates with the tools you use.
Build secure software fast with key features.

Säkerhetstester från dag ett i projekten ger mer lönsam systemutveckling!
Upptäck säkerhetsproblem tidigt i ett utvecklingsprojekt, ger lägre sårbarhet, lägre kostnader. Använd verktyg och tjänster för säkerhetstester.


Why would you do application testing? Listen to our webinar that explains the possibility.
Safety tests from day one in the projects provide more profitable system development!
Detect security issues early in a development project, provide lower vulnerability, lower costs. Use tools and services for security testing.
Security attacks today are aimed at applications. Insecure code and applications today constitute a target area for hackers, as four out of five successful intrusions today use code vulnerabilities, both in in-house developed and commercial software. Combining rapid application development and still maintaining software security can be difficult?
Fortify is a complete solution and is ranked as a leader in the field of secure application development by Gartner for 10 years. Fortify is a complete solution for application security testing (AST) for web, mobile, and API based applications. Static (SAST), Dynamic (DAST), Mobile ((MAST)), Interactive.
Fortify - The ecosystem This is how Fortify fits and integrates into your application development.
The market's broadest support for code analysis, support for 25 programming languages. Scan source, byte code, and binary code.

Be safe listen to our webinar!



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