Webinar: Bring Your Own Encryption in a Hybrid and Multi-cloud World, Aug 11


Current market research indicates that the majority of enterprises have a multi-cloud and/or hybrid cloud strategy. Due to COVID-19, over half of enterprises now expect cloud usage to exceed prior plans. Recognizing the pressures of data breaches and regulatory compliance, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have started to offer their own data security solutions, each with a different approach and potentially confusing array of capabilities.

Live online Aug 11 5:00 pm CET, 8:00 am PST - or after on demand 

Join this webcast to understand:
• What the major CSPs are offering in crypto and key management services
• Where to Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Bring Your Own KMS (BYOKMS)
• How to take encryption and key management from on-premises to multi-cloud

Learn how to leverage the power of Voltage SecureData and nCipher nShield as a Service. Implement robust, standards-compliant, enterprise-grade stateless key management and cryptographic services. Support data privacy in enterprise hybrid, multi-cloud, and cloud-agnostic models.

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