Protect 2011 presentations - part 1



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    Hello and happy New Year!

    I'm sorry that you did not notice the separate area called "Previous Protect Events" that could be accessed from the Security community. I now moved all related posts and presentations to the general events section in order to reduce the number of different locations.

    You may recall that in 2016 the HPE Software business was sold to Micro Focus. I tried to secure all past events' presentations that were run under the HPE branding, but there may be some that were lost. Here the presentations  that can still be accessed:

    2006: /cyberres/w/securitynewsevents/10586/protect-2006-presentations

    2007: /cyberres/w/securitynewsevents/4606/protect-2007-presentations


    2011: /cyberres/w/securitynewsevents/9132/protect-2011-presentations---part-1

    (search for "Protect 2011 presentations" to find the other parts available)

    2012: /cyberres/w/securitynewsevents/11866/protect-2012-presentations



    2018: /cyberres/w/securitynewsevents/7614/cybersecurity-conference-washington-oct-2018---iam-presentations

    (search for "Cybersecurity conference Washington" for other parts)

    I hope this helps even if this is not a complete list.


    Caroline Oest

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  • Thank you, 

    It would be great if you uploaded all of the Protect presentations (2008-2018), I've been looking for them for a long time.