Tech Focus SRG Virtual User Group: Data Privacy Management with Micro Focus SCM suite, Feb 13


Data Privacy Management with Micro Focus SCM suite

February 13, 2020 | 11am EST

Data Privacy has become a concern for almost every organization, but what are the necessary technical steps to manage and mitigate data-related risk? Join us on Thursday, February 13th, for an interactive forum on how different organizations are tackling data privacy projects at the data management level, from project prioritization to implementation.

During this discussion, we’ll explore how Micro Focus Secure Content Management Suite can help you automate giving data management control back to the business user, following three key steps:

  • Identify. Discover high-risk data in your organization, whether personal, proprietary, or other. Classify your data according to your business needs and discover where your data resides. Measure your risk and prioritize actions based on high-risk environments and data types. Obtain a holistic risk assessment by treating all data the same, regardless of format or location.
  • Protect. Based on your data discovery, define appropriate access and actions on your data. Enforce your choice of actions, from anonymizing personal data via encryption to moving sensitive data to a more secure location.
  • Control. Manage your data long-term across its lifecycle. From creation to deletion, be aware of what data you are managing and how. Enable your data owners to quickly produce insightful reports on how data is being managed. Automate deletion of data to comply with regulations.

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