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An Analyst’s Perspective on IM&G

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It’s not every day an Associate Senior Analyst attends your keynote address at Universe and writes an opinion piece on it, but today is that day. Read on to see what Sue Clarke of Omdia thought of the IM&G keynote.


Micro Focus Universe took place in March of 2022. Universe is Micro Focus’ annual event that showcases our products, gives product updates, and presents ways in which our products help our customers. This year, and unbeknownst to us, Sue Clarke, Associate Senior Analyst at Omdia attended the information management and governance keynote address by Scott Richards, General Manager of the IM&G Business Unit. Much of what he discussed was centered around how Micro Focus customers are using IM&G products to aid in their efforts to manage hybrid and remote work.

Here are a few of her thoughts:

IDOL Provides Insights


AI data analytics is a focal point for Micro Focus. As the world is managing more and more data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming staples in organizations’ content management strategies. Not only do AI and ML aid in the general management of content, but they also provide organizations with actionable insight that is often lost in their mountains of data.

IDOL is Micro Focus’ approach to intelligent content management. IDOL helps in several areas, including law enforcement, media analysis, government intelligence, chatbots, natural language processing, and dark data insights.

The recent pandemic has turned traditional work on its heads. At the same time, it has created opportunities where employees are working differently than before, and data needs to be used in new ways.

In her report, Sue states, “IDOL is one of the most advanced AI and ML data analytics tools, and Micro Focus has a team dedicated to finding new and innovative ways in which AI and ML can be applied to provide organizations with valuable insights. The technology has always been associated as being a technology working in the background, rather than an application with a fancy UI, and as such it has been embedded in a large number of applications across a wide range of use cases where it is being used in areas such as content analytics, ediscovery, facial recognition, audio fingerprinting, audio image analysis, auto tagging, and chat bots.”

Secure Content Management


Having an ever-increasing amount of content sounds fun until you realize you have to manage it. One of the ways Micro Focus helps customers manage their content is through Filr, an enterprise file sync and share product. For example, Filr is used by a G7 parliament to safely share documentation and commissions between its elected members. There are many other use cases for Filr similar to this in which organizations get a handle on their content.

Sharing files collaboratively is one thing, but then you must manage and archive them. This is where Content Manager comes into play.

Micro Focus recently released the latest iteration of Content Manager, which helps organizations meet data privacy regulatory guidelines through the management and disposition of data. Content Manager serves as a compliance companion to Microsoft 365. The new Content Manager 10.1 release includes features like a mobile app with a modern, sleek user interface and a cloud-ready platform, supporting the in-place management of Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams.

Many enterprises around the world use Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, however, these are basically ‘starter’ content management systems. For a comprehensive and effective content management strategy, organizations should look into a specialist platform as the needs of the enterprise grow and evolve. If you’ve outgrown your Microsoft products, take a look at Content Manager.

Content Management in the Cloud


As if Content Manager wasn’t good enough… Micro Focus went ahead and introduced Content Manager Cloud, a flexible enterprise content management solution – in the cloud, delivered in a SaaS model.

Sue said, “It is a single all-in-one product with addon modules and management tools bundled with it, which means that enterprises no longer need to rip and replace an entire enterprise content management platform if they are upgrading.”

Content management in a SaaS model includes managed services and can come as a PaaS offering, which allows a customer’s preferred partner to add their own services onto the package. This lowers the cost of ownership and administration for your organization.

Sue’s observations from Universe drive home the Micro Focus commitment to provide the best AI data analytics and content management platforms available. The IM&G product line helps organizations bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies in the race to digital transformation.

A Bit on IDOL


IDOL’s versatile unstructured data analytics is for organizations that need to extract maximum value from all their text, audio, video, and image data – enabling text, speech, and video analytics for more than 1,000 data formats. Out-of-the-box access to 150 data repositories behind and beyond the firewall means indexing and classifying data without relocation, and disruption becomes a reality.

Built-in AI and machine learning enable organizations to minimize compliance risk, simplify IT operations, and focus internal resources on core business innovation and competitive differentiation. With IDOL, you can utilize:


A Bit on Content Manager


Micro Focus Content Manager is a governance-based enterprise content management (ECM) system that enables a diverse array of global organizations and government agencies to manage their business content from creation to disposal. The new offering provides a secure cloud-based content management solution that accelerates digital transformation while addressing data sovereignty concerns.

Content Manager Select Software as a Service is available in three levels, representing different scales of required service. Gold, Platinum, and Titanium levels provide a flexible choice of service provision in terms of supported users and service level commitments on response time and up-time.


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