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Better by Far, what is new in OpenText File Contents Extraction (KeyView) 24.2

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OpenText KeyView CE 24.2 is an incremental release of KeyView for the first quarter of CY24. There is an increasing need for companies to reach a greater variety of data, which adds to the complexity of their search types. We allow all customers to access the content of file types they thought they would never need or have simply forgotten.

The KeyView 24.2 release includes various functional and performance improvements, file format support, and many other additions.

It includes numerous features and improvements. Here are the new features you can explore in KeyView:


  • KeyView format detection has been extended, with support for 51 additional file formats. KeyView can now identify more than 2000 unique file formats. By identifying a larger range of formats present in the enterprise, decisions can be made on how to route, filter, or alert on such documents. For the full list, refer to the KeyView Filter SDK Programming Guides.

  • When running out-of-process, KeyView now communicates with the out-of-process server using shared memory, which results in faster processing times for nearly all operations. This feature is enabled by default.

    This feature provides the benefits of pipe-streaming, without the downside of taking longer to process some files. For example:

    • your application can be more responsive because each block of output is available before the next has been produced.

    • it reduces the disk space used for temporary files.

    • it reduces the file I/O for partial filtering because KeyView might not need to read the whole file if you choose to stop filtering before all the text has returned.

    • for many formats it reduces the amount of the input file that is read during extraction, especially if you extract only a subset of the files.

    With version 24.2.0, the benefits of extracting to a stream are available even when running out-of-process, and as a result, the detected format is no longer provided.

  • Performance has been improved for large Rich-Text Format (RTF) files.

  • Performance has been improved for Source Code Detection.

  • KeyView can now filter tabular data from OneNote files in a way that allows Eduction to make use of the table structure.

  • KeyView can now filter tabular data from Pipe_Separated_Fmt files in a way that allows Eduction to make use of the table structure.

  • The Python API now exposes the header_and_footer configuration option.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is now available on MacOS x86-64 platforms.

Please note here are the KeyView 24.2 release notes

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