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Built on AI, what is new in OpenText Analytics (IDOL) 24.2

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OpenText IDOL CE 24.2 is an incremental release of the IDOL platform for the first quarter of CY24. There is an increasing need for companies to reach a greater variety of data, which adds to the complexity of their search types. We allow all customers to achieve a suitable response in their Enterprise-wide search across all levels of an organization.

Organizations are looking to democratize the access to Enterprise search into all the corporate knowledge. Conversational access to your Enterprise Data is an increasing desire for companies; in a world where 90% of existing corporate knowledge is in Unstructured data, over 50% of organizations are not tapping into this aspect of their knowledge with any form of discovery. Customers can use this new interface to access IDOL with QA using Natural language questioning to deliver their data securely to all users.

The IDOL 24.2 release includes various functional and performance improvements, new connectors, file format support, and many other additions.

It includes numerous features and improvements. Here are the new features you can explore in IDOL:

New Solution:

  • Teams App Customers can access IDOL's functionality via a simple natural language prompt directly via the Teams Interface

Ingest & Connectors:

  • Drupal Connector - updated to support the latest API changes and allow data extraction from old and new Drupal versions.
  • Google Workspace Connectors – Content is now accessible from the major Google Workspace apps, including: Mail, Calendar, Chat using dedicated connectors.
  • Web Connector 2FA – The web connector is updated to allow 2Factor Authentication through scriptable actions to implement the required interactions.
  • Additional new connectors: Stack Exchange; Moodle and OpenText eDocs

IDOL Text Analytics

  • Address variant search - IDOL can now perform fuzzy matching of addresses that have variations in composition although they are effectively the same.
  • Generative AI GPU support - The recently added vector and LLM support within IDOL can now use GPU to increase performance on the relevant hardware platforms
  • Analytics: LLM based image matching - Image based transformers can be used to generate vectors for the IDOL Index. Customers can now search for similar images based on not just the textual description but also the actual image content. 

Media Server

  • The Media Server as a NiFi Processor is now available with full functionality. This allow NiFi workflows and the ability to scale and manage the Media Server app though Kubernetes.
  • Demo application with abilities to process and analyze images and other functionalities is now available in the Media Server for ease of use.


  • Tabular Data detection for One Note & Pipe Separated text
  • OCR is now available on MacOS through the KeyView SDKs
  • Header & Footer are now configurable through Python APIs
  • Significant Performance improvements through Shared Memory Streaming
  • Additional Formats, Security & Compatibility improvements

Deployment & Other Improvements

  • IDOL HELM charts for Kubernetes provide a comprehensive set of options to assist complex deployments. 24.2 brings further enhancements to our HELM charts.
  • Eduction SDK: Post-processing access to pre/post match context window
  • OpenText OTDS IDOL community now integrated with OpenText TDS for access control

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