IDOL is ‘Leading’ the Way in the Latest Forrester Wave Report

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In their latest report, Forrester recognized IDOL as a ‘Leader’ in the text analytics platforms space. Read on to see how this can matter to your organization.


Well, this certainly is an interesting time in our world, isn’t it? Between the economic uncertainty, supply-chain hiccups, and hybrid working situations, organizations everywhere are hyper-focusing on their digital transformation strategies. Automation is now king when it comes to business process improvements. This automation can come in the form of ingesting physical or digitized documents, extracting relevant information, and sending those results downstream to business applications.

Text Analytics technology is key in automating business processes. Businesses need to apply text analytics to understand what their customers want, what their competitors are doing, and what the organization needs to do to remain competitive.

With all this pressure on text analytics, analyzing the various vendors can be an intimidating task. Luckily, Forrester did the work for you. In the Forrester Wave: Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms Report, Q2 2022, 12 of the most significant providers in the space are researched, analyzed, and scored. In line with current trends, you should look for providers that:

  • Specialize in all relevant use cases
  • Offer out-of-the-box ML models pretrained on relevant forms and document types
  • Are investing in transformer networks

IDOL is a ‘Leader’

IDOL is a comprehensive AI-based text analytics platform that delivers actionable insight for all document-oriented use cases. It uses AI and machine learning to leverage key insights stored deep within your unstructured data – including AI text analytics, AI audio analytics, and AI image analytics.

Forrester recognized IDOL as a ‘Leader’ in the space, further cementing its place as the premier choice for unstructured data analytics, particularly in document-oriented text analytics.

The report states, “Reference customers praised IDOL’s ability to address most of their text analytics use cases, data integration needs, the vendor’s professional services, and the platform’s scalability. IDOL is a solid choice for existing Micro Focus customers or for customers looking to build customized text analytics applications.”

Why This Matters

When investing in any technology for enterprise operations, it is important to consider ones that can do everything you need, rather than patching together disparate systems to accomplish multiple tasks. In terms of text analytics, you should consider solutions that are able to tackle intelligent document extraction and processing, data protection and information governance, and knowledge management.

IDOL has you covered.

How IDOL Has You Covered

IDOL’s versatile unstructured data analytics is for organizations that need to extract maximum value from all their text, audio, video, and image data – enabling text, speech, and video analytics for more than 1,000 data formats. Out-of-the-box access to 150 data repositories behind and beyond the firewall means indexing and classifying data without relocation, and disruption becomes a reality.

Built-in AI and machine learning enable organizations to minimize compliance risk, simplify IT operations, and focus internal resources on core business innovation and competitive differentiation. With IDOL, you can utilize:


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