Content Manager IDOL Sizing Requirements for 10.0 and 23.4


A client is still using 10.0.501 and is expressing concern over the rate at which their IDOL indexes are growing.  Is 25-33% the size of the document store still the rule-of-thumb for sizing?



  • sorry for late response - I will get in touch with an expert!

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  • Hi Michelle, thanks for the post.

    I have reached out and been told....

    There's a bunch of things that go into calculating a sizing, and a rule-of-thumb isn't a hard and fast rule.  The largest aspect of this has to do with what kinds/filetypes of documents or records are being indexed.

    While the "rule-of-thumb" being cited is typical for a "fileshare" of documents, these can be skewed if denser documents are being indexed; for example, TXT documents vs. Image PDF documents.

    Additionally, if the documents/records are constantly being updated or moved around, this could lead to many document updates or deletions within the IDOL index, which could demand a more regular maintenance cycle of the IDOL Index -- for example, running DRECOMPACT.

    I suggest you reach out to support, and consider if the client would like to upgrade as the version they are on went End of Life in 2018.

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  • Thank you for the reply. I should have specified the version of CM is 10.0.501.  So, IDOL is whatever ships with that version of CM.

    I didn't upgrade them from 9.x (I wouldn't install a .0 release - fool me once!).  I am trying to get them to upgrade.  Their documents are primarily .docx and not filled with images.

    I appreciate your time.