Customer Success Story: Major Telecommunications Organization


Full regulation compliance and data transparency with integrated suite of OpenText Data Privacy and Protection solutions.

Challenge: Develop a central and unified data privacy and protection solution for global data privacy regulation compliance and faster DSAR response.

Products and Services:

Voltage Structured Data Manager (SDM)


Content Manager

Success Highlights

• Drastically faster data searches in response to data subject access requests (DSAR)

• Facilitate PoPIA and GDRP compliance

• Optimization of unstructured data for cloud migration with significant data reduction through clean-up and deduplication

• Defensible deletion of expired data in a variety of databases

• Creation of Risk Rating reports for mitigating data breaches

• Encryption of sensitive data

IDOL-Based Data Location Registry Supports Many Use Cases

Following the planning, design, build, and test phases, Meniko and the OpenText Professional Services team focused on scanning all structured data held in a variety of databases with SDM. Unstructured data, i.e., email, Office documents, and multimedia files, were scanned for PII through the IDOL engine so that any sensitive data could be identified. Working with each individual application owner, the data was extracted and deduplicated. It was then catalogued in an IDOL-based data location registry with clear pointers to applications and data sources where PII data may be found. From here, data could be searched, “analyzed, and reported on through user friendly dashboards.

“Before the OpenText implementation, we would have to query hundreds of systems, search for an individual’s data, manually collate that data, and create a response to a DSAR. This could of course take hours, if not days.” says Wessels. “Having this IDOL-driven register makes it easy to respond to a DSAR and manage data according to the individual’s wishes.”

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