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Uses OpenTextTm IDOLTm and OpenTextTm Content Manager to lead the National Health Service into a paperless future!

The challenge was to create a simple-to-use, highly configurable, clinically focused end-user application to replace paper medical records. Find a more efficient way to index and extract precise clinical data needed on a daily basis, and provide it in a mobile environment so it can be accessed at the patients’ bedsides. Finally, migrate millions of records without disrupting employees’ activities.

A core element of going paperless is the digitization of patient records, thereby making crucial information available to health and social care practitioners at the touch of a button. At the forefront of this drive is the leader of the UK Electronic Medical Records (EMR) market, Kainos Evolve, which has offices in the UK, Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands, and the United States. Its flagship EMR product, Evolve, is now used by over 100 acute hospitals in the NHS.

Kainos Evolve was looking for a technology that could not only optically read (OCR) and index complex legacy paper-based information but could also extract document types and identify domain-specific concepts such as clinical disciplines.

Kainos Evolve was already using the IDOL portfolio, which included powerful management and analytic tools that process human information or unstructured data including social media, email, video, audio, text and web pages.

“We initially approached this opportunity looking at a generic ECM proposition with document management, scanning and workflow and investigated how we could apply IDOL products to that particular business problem,” says Hutchinson. “We chose IDOL because we already had significant experience with the toolset so would not be starting with a blank sheet of paper. Also, it made more sense to use integrated Micro Focus (now OpenText) technology.”

Basing Evolve on IDOL technology has helped make Kainos Evolve the UK’s market leading provider of digital services for healthcare – a sector long considered to be of national importance.

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