Idea ID: 2847008

Add AccuRev client support for IPv6 only configurations

Status: Accepted

We are in the process of replacing aging on-premise infrastructure that hosts VMs that support our software development activities that require client access to AccuRev. The new infrastructure is cloud based and hosts machine instances that only support IPv6. AccuRev support confirmed that the AccuRev clients only support IPv4 and that there has not been a decision made on IPv6 support. This Idea Exchange request is to add support of the AccuRev client programs running on IPv6 only configurations.

  • This has been a pain point for our users because most of the other applications they use allow for use without having to login to the VPN.   When they try to login to AccuRev (not on VPN) it gives the network error, cannot connect to server which sometimes results in internal support tickets.   If IPv6 was supported then they could use AccuRev without requiring login to the VPN.

  • Thank you - I always wondered what feature was not working when I received that error.  Our exact error is:    "could not create IPv6 socket: Address family not supported by protocol" while running autoRestoreAccuRev (customer support advises same as what you reported - having IT dept. disable IPv6, since AccuRev only talks IPv4).   I haven't heard back from my IT dept yet - and I believe I agree with you that future support by AccuRev for IPv6 would be better if possible.

  • Support of IPv6 does not really buy us anything feature-wise other than simply having the product work without adding the complexity of configuring networking utility software to allow AccuRev clients running on cloud hosted machine instances (IPv6 only) to communicate with our existing on-premise servers.

  • I believe we are in the same boat.  Question:  If AccuRev did support IPv6, what does it buy us (feature-wise)?