Idea ID: 2854149

Administration of Issue Queries

Status: New Idea

My organization has a former user who has long since left employment, but before he left, he created an Issue Query that was made public. I have been advised by Support that the only way for me, as an AccuRev administrator, to remove this Issue Query is to temporarily re-activate this user, create a special case in our Authentication trigger to bypass LDAP integration (because I am confident that our IT administrators won't temporarily reactivate this user and provide me a password to login as him), create an AccuRev-only password so that I can login as this user and delete this Issue Query.

Obviously, all of the above is a bit ridiculous for a minor cleanup issue like removing a public Issue Query. There should be *some* way for an administrator like myself to remove unwanted public Issue Queries without resorting to such measures.